Beatrice and the London Bus – The Secrets of London

Publish Date: May 2016
Pages: 196
Price: $10.99


Dimensions: 7.99 in. tall, 5 in. wide, 0.45 in. thick
ISBN: 0993043348

Book Overview

Beatrice has a secret ... Many secrets, actually, and she keeps them all to herself, apart from sharing a few with her BFF Mark. Every Sunday Beatrice embarks on a crazy adventure with her other bestie, who happens to be the talking London Bus RM 168 via Waterloo. London is not the city everyone thinks it is The Bus introduces her to a city full of secrets, illusions and traps but also fun adventure and secrets stories. Its inhabitants - famous grumpy talking buildings, parks and tourists attractions who all complain for some one or another to the Mayor of London - a man known for his fiery temper - all have hopes, unfulfilled dreams and problems, just like Beatrice. She's captured by the sloppy MI6's spies, helps a whimpering Red Telephone Box resolve the mysterious disappearance of her phone - then she meets the Mayor of London, who has two big secrets of his own. And he's planning to get rid of the old London Bus ....

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