Back on the Map

Publish Date: June 2017
Pages: 240
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Publisher: Skyhorse Pub
ISBN: 1510713530

Book Overview

With their mother long dead and their father unknown, eleven-year-old Penny Porter and her twin brother Parker have been bouncing around foster homes for as long as they can remember. Inspired by the historical figures in her favorite book, Penny likes to imagine who she could be related to. Sacagawea? Her genes would be good ones to have. Or maybe Ghandi, or Harriet Tubman. There are endless possibilities
But while Penny embraces the question marks in her family tree, she and Porter are both ready for a real home. Living with their aging, ornery Grauntie isn t easy, but it s better than other places they ve been, and they don t want to get moved again or worse, split up. Penny believes the key to keeping them from being bounced to another new home is getting their town of New Hope, North Carolina back on the state map. And what better way to do that than to spruce up and sell New Hope s Finest an old orphanage that was supposed to reopen years ago as the best attraction ever, but never did.
She s got the creativity and the gumption to do it. And maybe knowing who you are doesn t matter so much as knowing what you can do. But will that be enough to finally keep her and Parker in one place for good?

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