Baby Haley’s World: The Dragonfly

Author: Tina Gressel
Publish Date: November 2013
Pages: 34
Price: $10.99


Dimensions: 9 in. tall, 6 in. wide, 0.07 in. thick
Publisher: Tate Pub
ISBN: 1625103409

Book Overview

Have you or someone you know lost an infant or small child? After our infant granddaughter, Haley Grace, passed away I so desperately wanted her little life to have meaning. I asked God to use the broken pieces to come together for good. God gave me the vision of the Baby Haley's World books. Baby Haley takes all of us to explore the things she experiences in Heaven and the beauty that she sees, giving you a glimpse of what Heaven is like for your child, until the day you can be reunited with them. I pray that this book brings peace and comfort to those mourning the loss of a child.

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