Avalon Rising

Author: Kathryn Rose
Publish Date: May 2015
Pages: 360
Price: $11.99


Dimensions: 7.9 in. tall, 5.1 in. wide, 1 in. thick
Publisher: Flux
ISBN: 0738744891
  • Avalon Rising: A Metal & Lace Novel
    Avalon Rising: A Metal & Lace Novel
    MP3 CD
    Price: $9.99
  • Avalon Rising
    Avalon Rising
    Price: $11.99

Book Overview

In the aftermath of Morgan le Fay's war on Camelot, the once great kingdom struggles to rebuild. Knights scour the world, attempting to restore the Round Table's glory by locating Avalon and the Holy Grail before the dreaded Black Knight can do so first.

Vivienne, Merlin's former apprentice, toils in secret day and night on orders from the Lady of the Lake to build an aeroship. The Lady has seen the future and promised that the ship will ensure Camelot's knights succeed in their quest.

But when a company of knights goes missing--including Owen, Vivienne's brother, and Marcus, her beloved--Vivienne changes the plan and commandeers the aeroship for a rescue mission, altering the fates of all involved. Now, the Lady sees danger in Vivienne's future. And for Marcus, either betrayal or death.


"Rose's story line integrates the tales of Camelot and the Holy Grail, which could intrigue fans of myth and legend."--VOYA

"Spunky heroine, complicated back-story, noble quest . . . Fans of either steampunk or Arthurian stories will enjoy the blend."--School Library Connection

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