Arthur in the Land of Cats

Publish Date: May 2016
Pages: 126
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Publisher: Austin Macauley
ISBN: 1785545388

Book Overview

Stormy events can change someone's life. And for Arthur, cabin boy on a schooner, this is the case as a storm lashes the ship and forces the captain to stow Arthur and the ship's cat, Toby, in an apple cask, and throw it overboard to the mercy of the waves.If fate wills it, luck will shine, and for Toby in particular, luck shines in all its glory as both he and Arthur find themselves washed up on Miacis, the land of cats. On Miacis Toby can talk, and soon they understand that a terrible threat faces the land of cats. So Arthur and Toby must set out on an adventure to prevent it and save the Princess Yemaja.Arthur in the Land of Cats by author Valerie Waldegrave is a lovely tale for children with just enough danger to keep them tingling in the safety of their beds.

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