Apocalypse Meow Meow

Author: James Proimos
Illustrator: James Proimos
Publish Date: June 2017
Pages: 240
This book will publish June 2017.
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Price: $7.99


Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 1681194759

Book Overview

It's the ultimate dog vs. cat showdown

The apocalypse has come, and humans have vanished from the face of the earth. They've taken with them their feeding bowls and belly-scratching skills, so what is a pair of dog buddies supposed to do? Team up with a gang of furry friends to find some more grub

The group's ally, Rat, has found a Twonkies factory nearby, and with it a lifetime's supply of sugary goo-filled bliss. But there's a certain special cat guarding the Twonkies, and there's only one dog brave enough to duel him-Apollo

Will the gang be able to train their fearless companion so that he can take on the fierce kitty? They'll have to if they want their dog tummies to stop growling. And if they want to avoid being eaten themselves . . ."

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