Publish Date: September 2016
Pages: 118
Price: $17.99


Dimensions: 9 in. tall, 6 in. wide, 0.32 in. thick
Publisher: Tate Pub
ISBN: 168293683X

Book Overview

""You want the power, you little sniveling scaredy-cat?"" growled Ichabod. ""Open your mouth."" He grabbed Joshua's jaw with both hands, prying it apart. A line of hideous miniature birds flew toward the open lips. ""There is nothing you can do here, Sechrino. This shivering boy is mine "" Ichabod threw his head back and let out a loud victorious laugh. ""But there is something I can do."" A voice spoke from the doorway. Ichabod snapped his head around and leaped to both feet. Joshua could barely breathe. Kristin stood in the opening with two dancing feathers in her extended palm. Pinpoints of light shot out and disintegrated the attacking birds. Kristin walked toward Ichabod. ""Get out "" Two children, Kristin and Joshua, take a chilling journey to seek the truth about a powerful golden creature. A couple of prayers uttered in the middle of the night, miles apart, have brought the mighty Sechrino to life after many years of silence. Walking through the forbidden field of torturous poisons and the dark wood, Kristin and Joshua discover a deserted town that looks exactly like Alexandria. At the edge of town is a burnt chapel filled with shadows of the past. Following the shadowed visions, they discover a secret trapdoor that opens into an underground warehouse of lies and the truth about Sechrino.

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