Adam and Thomas

Author: Aharon Appelfeld
Illustrator: Philippe Dumas
Translator: Jeffrey M. Green
Publish Date: April 2017
Pages: 160
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Price: $14.95


Publisher: Triangle Square
ISBN: 1609807448
Accelerated Reader ®
Quiz#: 182015
Quiz Name: Adam & Thomas
Reading Level: 4.4
Interested Level: Middle Grade
Point Value: 3
  • Adam and Thomas
    Adam and Thomas
    Price: $14.95

Book Overview

"HONOR 2016- Mildred L. Batchelder Honor Book
WINNER 2016- Sydney Taylor Book Award, Association of Jewish Libraries
FINALIST 2016- National Jewish Book Awards
Adam and Thomas" is the story of two nine-year-old Jewish boys who survive World War II by banding together in the forest. They are alone, visited only furtively every few days by Mina, a mercurial girl who herself has found refuge from the war by living with a peasant family. She makes secret journeys and brings the boys parcels of food at her own risk.
Adam and Thomas must learn to survive and do. They forage and build a small tree house, although it's more like a bird's nest. Adam's family dog, Miro, manages to find his way to him, to the joy of both boys. Miro brings the warmth of home with him. Echoes of the war are felt in the forest. The boys meet fugitives fleeing for their lives and try to help them. They learn to disappear in moments of danger. And they barely survive winter's harshest weather, but when things seem to be at their worst, a miracle happens.

"From the Hardcover edition.""

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