A Pika’s Tail

Author: Sally Plumb
Illustrator: Lawrence Ormsby
Publish Date: May 2012
Pages: 40
Price: $9.95


Dimensions: 10.99 in. tall, 8.52 in. wide, 0.16 in. thick
ISBN: 0931895251

Book Overview

Sally Plumb wrote A Pika's Tail while living at the University of Wyoming-National Park Service Research Center in Grand Teton National Park. She learned to appreciate and "Listen" to t he little "rock rabbit" while employed as a seasonal wilderness guard. Sally has written a charming children's story based on the life cycle of the pika. A Pika's Tail was Sally's first book. Her second book is The Hole Story, where her talent as an environmental interpreter again shines as she describes the life of a black-footed ferret.
Lawrence Ormsby has gained a much deserved reputation as a fine natural history illustrator. Based on actual field studies in Grand Teton National Park, his illustrations capture the essence of the pika and evoke images of high places filled with beauty and danger. His realistic portrayals transport us to the mountain environment of the pika, marmot and weasel.
Grand Teton Association publishes educational, interpretive and scientific publications on Grand Teton National Park. with this richly illustrated story, the association hopes to introduce concepts that will arouse children's appreciation of natural systems.

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