9x Fun: A Children’s Picture Book That Makes Math Fun, with a Cartoon Story Format to Help Kids Learn the 9x Table

Author: Sharon Clark
Illustrator: Roberto Gonzalez
Publish Date: March 2014
Pages: 26
Price: $10.99


Dimensions: 10 in. tall, 7.99 in. wide, 0.07 in. thick
ISBN: 0993800378

Book Overview

This picture book will delight children of all ages, but will be especially appealing for any child between the ages of 7 to 9. It features a clever little mouse that shows kids how simple learning the 9X table can be. The colourful illustrations and playful cartooning will allow kids to see math from a new perspective - it can be fun Children will quickly learn the 9X table once they see which patterns unfold. 9X Fun will help kids enjoy math as never before and encourage them to explore the beauty in this science.

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