101 Sensory Activities to Help Awesome Kids Be Even More Awesome: Fun and Easy Ways to Help You Be Successful, Calm and Happy Every Day

Publish Date: August 2017
Pages: 192
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Publisher: Page Street Pub
ISBN: 1624144152

Book Overview

With this unique kids activity book, parents can finally stop fighting their kids and inspire them to actually want to get dressed in the morning, brush their teeth, eat their dinner, finish their homework, clean their room and sit still in the car. Dayna Abraham, a certified child educator, was successfully using sensory activities with her son who has Sensory Processing Disorder when she discovered that they also made a difference in her other children who didn t have the disorder. She now shares 101 of the best sensory activities to help all kids succeed during times of the day when they have the most trouble focusing and being patient, whether it s getting out the door on time in the morning or peacefully eating a meal with their family at a restaurant. These activities are lifesavers to parents and caretakers, as they engage kids senses in a unique way that helps the kids remain calm and focus on the task at hand.

Example activities and useful crafts include 2-Ingredient Focus Dough to help kids focus on homework, Blindfold Taste Tests and Moody Meals to help them try new foods, DIY Worry Stones to help them battle separation anxiety at school or daycare, and Rainbow Sensory Rug to help them wind down at the end of the day. The book is written to kids in a fun superhero theme that encourages and helps them let their true awesomeness shine all day long


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