Reading Together as a Family

Seven Habits Series – Habit #4

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I’ve mentioned before that my wife taught me how to read after we got married.  Technically, I learned how to read as a child.  But I learned how to read habitually as an adult.  I sometimes wonder why I wasn’t a super reader as a child (which was surely consequencial academically).  Perhaps it was because I prefered to be more active and play outside, but perhaps there where a couple of other factors.  I recall my parents reading often, but I do not ever recall reading together as a family.

Experts agree that reading as a family goes a long ways in developing lasting reading habits in children.  This is difficult to do with small children, but I can’t wait till my kids are old enough to gather on mom and dad’s bed each with their book.  I previously blogged about the importance of reading as a parent to set the example for your children.  This habit takes it to the next level.  Reading together as a family is great quality time together AND helps children develop a life long reading habit.  I think there’s a saying about two birds and a stone…