Level 1 Reader

Level One Readers for Kids

Reading is exciting as children learn to read books on their own.  Fun stories can be told with simple language and telling artwork.  We've selected a few of our favorite early readers that are sure entertain and engage your child as they enter the world of independent reading.
Thrill and excitement fill a child’s mind as they put their first words together.  They suddenly desire nothing more than to sit down with a book and read it all by themselves.  The independence that comes with the ability to read is magical.  We can take advantage of this exciting phase of reading by encouraging our young readers to read.  And read and read and read and read!
The time in which children are learning to read is a critical time for them to experience success.  If a book is too hard they will soon become frustrated and discouraged.  If a book is too easy they will surely become bored in no time.  Finding great books for new readers can mean creating a love of reading in a child!
The task of finding a book that our new reader will find success with can sometimes feel overwhelming.  We want to introduce our child to a great story, as well as one that they will be able to decode and eventually become fluent with.  As you search out books for your young reader it is helpful to look for books that have patterns, repetitive words, illustrations that support the story line, large print, and familiarity in the topics and objects in the book.  Your child will also be more successful if the book contains high frequency words.
There are so many wonderful books available for new readers.  We’ve tried to take some of the guess work out of the search for the perfect book for all these budding readers.  We’ve compiled a list of tried and true books that young readers have had success with.  We’re sure of it because the young readers that have found success with them in many cases have been our own children.  And just as our children loved these books and found excitement as they read them independently, we’re sure yours will too!