Quick Suggestions to get your Child to Read

It can be difficult to get a child to do something they don’t want to do. Too often, reading is looked upon as a form of punishment and not as an opportunity to learn. There are topics written about anything and everything you can think of out there. This means that somewhere, there is a book that ties directly into something that your child will love to read and learn more about!

• For kids with an active imagination, try fantasy and adventure books.

• If your child loves sports, look for books about their favorite activity.

• Animal books and magazines are plentiful, and offer many different stories for the child who loves animals.

• For children who don’t want to sit down and read a book, try introducing them to graphic novels or short stories.

Finding your child’s favorite genre of books may take some time. Some kids will ready anything and everything that you give them, and others will be a bit more resistant to the process. Try going to the library every few weeks and getting different books on different topics. It might surprise you what interests your children.