Poop’s Place in Children’s Books

When it comes to talking about poop in any way, shape or form (figuratively), I’m your guy.  Most guys can talk poop with proficiency, but it takes a very special individual to pen a children’s book about poop.  Fecal fiction is not for everyone, but it’s definitely for me.

The Long Journey of Mister Poop is, well, a literary masterpiece that trancends all other poop books written.  Caca.  Poop.  Number two.  It’s all in there, and a smart wolf in a lab coat leads kids on a journey through their digestive system.  At each stop along the way the poop scientist wolf explains in simplistic scientific terms what the human body is doing.  The way I see it, kids are facinated with poop from day one, and this book gives parents an opportunity to uniquely educate their children on the human body.

Before I became a parent and witnessed first hand kid’s fecal fixation I probably would have only bought this book as a gag gift for someone, but now having witnessed first hand how kids love to “explore” the poop and pontificate on poop as if they where Socrates himself, it’s a no brainer to read it to your kids.  They will laugh uncontrollably at the journey of the steaming poop with legs and a hat, who more times than not wins the reader’s heart by the time he hits the toilet.

Some may not appreciate poop’s place in children’s books, but I’ve grown to appreciate poop media as an educational tool as well as an opportunity to laugh with my kids.  I’ll even discount the book for you since I’m “the poop”.  Click here to get your copy.