Pantone Colors

If there’s a better way to share the bright, bold and beautiful world of color with kids, then we aren’t sure what it is. Pantone, a leading authority on color is a great first introduction for any kid to meld their concept of color with every shade imaginable for in each color family.

It’s said that the more intelligent you are, the more likely you are to refer to color in different shades… for example, it’s not just green, it’s jade green, it’s not just off-white, it’s creamy ivory.¬† Click here to buy the book.¬†

The orange page has examples of the shades of “candlelight,” “butterfly,” and “ginger,” or even pinks in “bouncy ball” and “polka dot.” Whatever your kids preferences for color, they are sure to love learning about the many different ways colors can be expressed in a visual way.

We love this board book and love sharing the delectable colors with our kids. We’re sure your children will love this bright, dazzling board book that shares the colors of the world with them in abundant shades from none other than the Pantone experts. ¬†Besides, how cute will it be to hear your child say, “Mom! Can I please have that “pepperoni red” dress?”