Mother’s Day is on the Way…Stinky Face to the Rescue

With Mother’s Day approaching this weekend, we decided to feature some of our posts this week on the best books out there for moms to read with their kids. Naturally, one of the first books that came to mind was, “I love You, Stinky Face” written by Lisa McCourt and illustrated Cyd Moore, published by Scholastic Publishers. This book is a silly, joyful rendition of what it means to be a kid and try his mother’s patience. It has won awards, including an Honor Book nod from the National Parenting Publication Award.

It has the subtle reassuring tone of a mom who will never stop loving her son, even if he happens to be “a green alien who ate bugs instead of peanut butter.” With every page turn, we can feast one the whimsical images from renowned children’s illustrator Cyd Moore and her visually stunning depictions of aliens, and other creatures that our young one can’t help but imagine.

Every time he asks, “But Mama, but Mama, what if I were a…” we get to see the amazing creative collaboration between Moore and McCourt in action. Moore’s delightful artistry plays off the story McCourt created and the images are comical, amusing and drive home the point that no matter what, a mom always loves her child. The book helps teach kids the fun of using their imagination and parents will love sharing a book that will help ensure their child feels “loved, no matter what.” Even if the child happens to be a big, scary ape, or a stinky face, his mother still sees him for who he is, and adapts her tactics to make sure the child knows that a mother’s love has no boundaries.

What could be more appropriate for as a Mother’s Day gift for your child than a book that resonates with moms everywhere than “I love You, Stinky Face.” It’s a book about the joys of sharing their limitless love with their kid, stinky and trying though they may be. For kids, it’s nice to know that their moms are looking out for them, keeping up with them and the book can be used to gently remind youngsters that moms work hard for their families.


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