More Reasons to Encourage Children to Read

There are many reasons for children to read. It not only starts them on a path to a lifetime of learning, but it also helps them become more diverse individuals. Some children don’t like to read, and getting them started can be difficult. It is very important to introduce these children to forms of literature you feel they will enjoy. Try spending time with your kids, reading with them. This way they will understand the importance of reading and also lets you productively spend time with your children.

Here are some more reasons that you should transition your children into a lifestyle of reading:

• Improve your child’s vocabulary:
Reading is the best way to improve your child’s vocabulary. It introduces them to words they aren’t familiar with and will encourage them to go out and learn new words. A diverse vocabulary is one of the most important tools you can provide your children with.

• Diversify your children’s hobbies:
Children today love technology. With the internet, video games, and a number of handheld devices to entertain children today, reading seems like it is being put aside for more engaging forms of entertainment. Reading will always be around, and as technology advances new ways to read are emerging. With the e-reader devices increasing in popularity, reading and technology are meeting in ways never seen before.4

• Reading helps your kids become better writers:
See our post entitled, “Authors of the Future” for a full write-up on how reading helps your children diversify their writing.

• Help you children think outside of the box:
Reading expands children’s imagination. Over time, this will transition your children into becoming more varied thinkers. This will help them throughout their entire lifetime in both their work and personal lives.

These are just a few reasons as to why your children should be reading as much as possible. Contact us to find out more!