Mom’s Are Awesome (But Dad’s Are, Too)

Daddy Book Blog Entry #1

Hello, this is Brian with  My kids absolutely love storytime with daddy, and I love storytime with my kids.  I love to bring books to life for my children, and act out all the silly voices.  My daughter particularly thinks it’s “super silly” when I talk in a high, girly voice as I read the mom’s lines in a children’s book.  I gotta tell ya, not my favorite part.  But since the vast majority of parental roles in children’s books are female, I channel my “inner mommy” and go falsetto time and again.

My wife thinks I could make a lot of money working for one of those slimmy 900 number shops, but I can’t bring myself to do it.  And not to be a whiner, but the high voice sort of hurts my throat.  I really like being a guy in real life, and I’d love to be a dad in children’s books, too, but those opportunities seem to be far and few in between.

Finding a children’s book with a male parental lead or main character is not an easy task.  Mom’s are awesome, but dad’s are, too.  So, as a founding partner of, I’ve taken it upon myself to do my gender a gigantic favor by writing a weekly blog entry about specific daddy-centric children’s books.

This week’s daddy-centric children’s book is called “Daddy Adventure Day” by Dave Keane.  This book is about a dad who takes his son to a baseball game for good old fashioned bonding.  The illustrations are cool, and the storyline is heartwarming for even the manliest daddy in town.  I am a huge baseball fan (go Angels), so this book is particularly special to me.

This past year I took my 5 year old daughter on a daddy-daughter date to her first Angel baseball game here in Orange County, CA.  It was heaven for both of us.  I’m pretty sure she loved cotton candy and other treats more than the game, but when Angel first baseman Mark Trumbo (her favorite player) hit a home run she stood up on her seat and cheered as loud as anybody in that stadium.  It was awesome for both of us.  Want to know the best part about our daddy-daughter date to the ballpark?  Ever since then she’s been cheering along with me at home when I watch a ballgame on tv.  She has no idea what’s going most of the time, but when the Angels hit a homerun we jump up and down like a couple of crazies and we relive our daddy-daughter day at the ballpark all over again.  That’s the power of spending quality time together.  I love it.

Anyways, this book is sure to be amazing for any sports-loving dad to read to his son (or daughter).  Even better, is to read the book together and then follow it up with a father-son (or daddy-daughter) trip to the ballpark.  You are guaranteed one of those Mastercard commercial “priceless” moments.

Surprise, surprise, you can buy Daddy Adventure Day by Dave Keane right here at  Enjoy.  I’ll be back next week with another favorite daddy book.