Janee Trasler’s Gently Instructive Chickies

Books for very young readers serve a multitude of purposes.  Keeping a fussy child busy in a car seat, teaching basic concepts and winding down at bedtime are just a few of the roles a good board book can fulfill in the home.

Board books geared to babies and toddlers seem to unwittingly fall into two broad categories: fun and entertaining or instructive.  A book that is fun and exciting to read may not teach important skills or concepts.  A book that teaches concepts like colors, numbers or social skills is likely to lack in the appeal department.

Such is not the case with Author/Illustrator Janee Trasler’s two new books: Potty Time for Chickies and Bedtime for Chickies.

In both books, Trasler manages to gently instruct and discuss two difficult toddler issues; bedtime and potty time.  If you are a parent of a child under the age of 5, you know exactly what I mean.

Creating a good bedtime routine and teaching a child to use the potty are two monumental tasks for both parent and child.  Trasler’s books discuss these topics in a way that is fun with attractive and engaging illustrations.  Unlike many bedtime books and almost all potty books, Trasler’s new releases are the type that a toddler will voluntarily bring to the parent for reading time.

Trasler uses the simple and buoyant copy in the books to discuss how bedtime  and potty time are an important part of family life.  To be honest, most “potty” books on this site seem like a great idea to a parent, but, usually sit on the shelf for lack of interest from the child–eventually becoming excellent garage sale fodder.

The use of loveable chicks just works with these books.  A parent-child reading team will find that the books open the door for a productive interaction about bedtime and toilet training.  Trasler’s books allow for individual families to instruct and approach these topics on their terms.

Aside from the well-executed concepts and illustrations, these books are built to withstand little hands.  We highly recommend Trasler’s books for any family that is working through issues of bedtime and potty time, which is all families at some point.

Trasler is an accomplished author.  You can see all of her books by clicking here.