Introduce your Children to all types of reading!

Reading is very important for children. It is the place that many of us discovered our imagination. The first sparks of fantasy that ignited our dreams. As a child, I loved reading, but looking back I was very set in my ways about what I would read.

It was not until later in life, about the time I reached High School that I truly started to branch out from my favorite genres. Though it takes a bit to truly appreciate a new genre, it was in these works that I learned the most about reading, writing, and the world.

If you are looking for new things to introduce your children to, here are a few ideas:

• Introduce your kids to poetry. There is poetry out there for people of all ages. Find poetry that is age appropriate for your kids and see how they take to it.

• Encourage your children to read an even amount of fiction and nonfiction. It is important to balance out fantasy and reality in reading.

• In life, you are sometimes required to read things you don’t want to. In my experience, it is from these works that I resisted at first that I learned the most about life and myself.

These are just a few tips to try and expand your children’s reading horizons. Keep checking back for new ideas and be sure to browse around for something that will introduce your children to a whole new type of reading. Who knows, you may have just shown them their new favorite topic to read about!