Fun Children’s Book to Read with Daddy

Daddy Book Blog Entry #5 out of 10

Hello, this is Brian with  Regardless of the time of year, my kids love to go to the beach.  In the cooler seasons, we’ll just go for walks along the sand or tide pools.  On warmer days, it’s “game on” with swimsuits, towels, sunscreen, drinks, snacks, hats, flip-flops, umbrellas, beach chairs and on and on and on…The beach is fun with the entire family, but my favorite times are when I pluck my daughter out of the house and we ride our bikes down the the beach for a couple of hours in the afternoon.  My daughter loves running down the pier full steam ahead (knowing that there was an ice cream cone waiting for her at the end).  Emily loves to collect tiny shells, chase seagulls and sandpipers, or play hide and seek amongst the pylons underneath the pier.  It’s my absolute favorite thing to do with my children, and what a great time we have together.  Surely with children there’s bound to be a bit of drama when spending time at the beach…

There’s a children’s book called, “Because Your Daddy Loves You”.  A day spent with a young child at the beach is bound to be filled with a few minor dramas–a lost shoe, a ball that floats too far out into the water, a drippy ice-cream cone. These can be frustrating events for both child and parent, but the daddy in this book finds a way to fix each problem, lovingly and patiently. Why? Because he loves his little girl, of course!  This book is great because my daughter is in the early stages of reading now and she can read right along with me.

If you’ve ever taken your little girl to the beach for daddy-daughter time, it’ll make you melt.  And because I’m a tough guy, I only melted a little bit.

As you may have already guessed, has “Because Your Daddy Loves You” on sale right now!