Excellent STEM Books

When I graduated from high school in 1994, there was no such thing as the internet, mobile phones were still a novelty and our culture was not terribly concerned about pressing global issues such as climate change.  It was nerds, a slightly derogatory term back then, who studied math and science.  Oh how things can change in a scant 21 years.

Educators and policy makers today know that the economy of the future needs more scientists, engineers, programmers and mathematicians.  More now than at any time in history, the solutions to our challenges will be found in the development of new technology.  It will be the kids who are in classrooms today who will achieve the breakthroughs that will change our world and move us forward.

Thankfully, school districts, states and myriad private organizations and individuals are working hard to encourage students to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields.  They are doing awesome work to show what STEM education is and the opportunities is offers to students.

proponents of STEM are doing a great job of helping students acquire a “can do” attitude wit STEM topics.  They are sowing kids in every income bracket and location that if they work hard, they can leave high school and enter university programs focused on STEM areas.

We applaud the efforts of so many who are giving of their time and resources to promote STEM to students.

If you have student at home who is excited about STEM topics, you can provide books of experiments and STEM topics that will move them forward and promote further interest and action in these areas.

Below is a list of STEM books by topic.  You’re certain to find books that your student will love.

Chemistry area:  http://www.childrensbookstore.com/shop/books/category/science-nature-chemistry/

Physics:  http://www.childrensbookstore.com/shop/books/category/science-nature-physics/

Experiments and Projects:  http://www.childrensbookstore.com/shop/books/category/science-nature-experiments-projects/

General Math:  http://www.childrensbookstore.com/shop/books/category/mathematics/

Advanced Math:  http://www.childrensbookstore.com/shop/books/category/mathematics-advanced/

Electronics: http://www.childrensbookstore.com/shop/books/category/technology-electricity-electronics/

Aeronautics and Space Science:  http://www.childrensbookstore.com/shop/books/category/technology-aeronautics-astronautics-space-science/

Inventions:  http://www.childrensbookstore.com/shop/books/category/technology-inventions/

General Tech:  http://www.childrensbookstore.com/shop/books/category/technology/

Computer programming:  http://www.childrensbookstore.com/shop/books/category/computers-programming/

Engineering:  http://www.childrensbookstore.com/?s=engineering