End Summer Boredom with Books

With summer in full-swing, you may be wondering how to keep kids busy while still encouraging them to learn. If encouraging your child to read during the summer is a struggle, we are here to help with creative ideas for all ages that will improve the summer with hands on activities and ensure that kids stay up on their hard-earned grade skills.

This classic allows children to use all their senses while exploring common objects. A great start for any child, this puts the wonder of reading at their fingertips.

The I Spy series, while a bestseller, is also a fun search and find activity. The youngest readers will be able to learn the alphabet and figure out riddles to find the letters on each page.

Children can search for well known words in all of these puzzles. Over 100 puzzles to keep elementary school children on their toes!

Give your child the sense of discovery with this large book of things to create do. The selections are endless and can be tailored from 10 minutes to all day projects.

Mad Libs keeps our sense of nouns, adjectives and verbs fresh. Play with the whole family and laugh at the outcome!

There are endless activities that can be found at the Children’s Bookstore that will keep children engaged throughout the hot summer months. While many of these activities may not be pure reading material, they offer the same benefits as a book. Learning through doing is valuable, even if it is difficult to motivate a child to read.