Daddy Stop Embarrasing Me! Let the Fun Begin…

Daddy Book Blog Entry #3 of 10

Hello, this is Brian with  One of our most important rights of passage as a father is to embarras our children.  Really good dads start young, so as to break in their children as quickly as possible.

“Daddy Stop Embarrasing Me 101” begins with the almighty nickname.  My five year old daughter has been the victim of a neverending continuum of nicknames beginning with “duck”, which she was given before she was even born.  I feel like we’ve come full circle since her current nickname is “goose”…a derivative of “silly goose”.  We are a wierd family, I know.  Even wierder is that none of the nicknames between “duck” and “goose” are even real words…just made up silliness that struck our funny bones the right way.

In her early years Emily would proudly answer the call of her nickname as if she where being called the Queen of England herself.  As she started preschool and now kindergarden, well, the nickname calling in public has been the launch pad for my most sacred of daddy duties: embarrasing my children in front of their peers.  And I have to tell you, I’m a natural.  I have an uncanny nack for picking the most opportunistic moment to yell out my daughter’s nickname so as to maximize the desired effect.

Joking aside, nicknames are a big part of bonding with my children, particularly my daughter since she’s the oldest.  She loves each of her nicknames over the years.  Sometimes when we’re cuddling at bed time we’ll go through all of her nicknames from the past to present.  She’ll smile and recall with much affection each nickname and how they typify our daddy-daughter connection.

I’ve come across a neat board book called “Daddy Calls Me Doodlebug”.  It’s right up our alley since we are all about nicknames, but I’m sorry, doodlebug?  Wow.  Daddy should feel like a “mommy” for coming up with that one…Anyways, it’s a super fun book for me and my kids because nicknames are a big part of our family bond.  I’ve never really noticed before, but I’ve always come up with the nicknames for my children over the years.  I guess it is a daddy thing.  That’s pretty cool.

You can purchase “Daddy Calls Me Doodlebug” right here at  I’ve even put it on sale for ya.  Enjoy!