Book Review: Let’s Dance With Julius!

My kids were dancers, and we are a family of dancers. We boogied during dinner making, shook our stuff while getting ready in the mornings and had nightly living room dance parties. Nothing formal, mind you. If a danceable tune happend to be in play on the radio, we’d take the opportunity to make good use of it. It was a purely all-dance-moves-considered format.

I especially loved watching my kids smile as they’d sway to the music, and I found it to be a great way to get in extra excercise and it was a great stress reliever. Granted, we probably became known as “that nutty dancing family” but, c’est la vie. You go with what works, right? Another family passion is reading, so books that introduce kids to the joie de vivre of dance are favorites.

The newest Paul Frank book, “Let’s Dance with Julius and Friends!” from Chronicle Books, is a great board book for families looking for a way to introduce children to the the fun-loving monkey, Julius and his latest hobby, dancing. One part silly instruction manual, one part color-happy picture book, “Let’s Dance With Julius and Friends” features a disco dancing crab with wig and moustache, Flamenco dancing chihuahuas and, an actual selling-point, “sparkle on every page!”

Julius and his friends are cute, bright characters that give toddlers exposure to hobbies and concepts in a fun, friendly way, and all of it is complete with the benefit of sparkle! You can find a copy to order here, and it’s even priced much lower than competitors. If you and your toddler are keen on boogie-esque board books, this book will help you shake and shimmy your way into literacy and fun.