Bedtime Friendly Dinosaur Picture Books

It is bedtime. Your child is currently infatuated with dinosaurs. This means dinosaur bedtime stories. The result is that many nights you end up struggling to pronounce the names of these prehistoric beasts as you read picture books describing dinosaur features. Instead of enjoying snuggling and sharing a good book with your youngster, you are wishing the bedtime routine was over.

No, you can’t expect you child will suddenly start picking the Curious George stories you enjoy over dinosaur books. However, it is possible to find dinosaur books that won’t tie your tongue but will still satisfy your child. Consider the following dinosaur picture books that are bedtime friendly for parents.

Dinosaur vs Bedtime by Bob Shea

In the series of books by Bob Shea, Dinosaur faces situations that your child experiences such as going to bed, going to school and going potty. The text is simple to read and the illustrations are entertaining. Both parent and child will enjoy the humor without the need to pronounce unruly dinosaur names.

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything by Alise Broach

Often dinosaur picture books read like informational texts describing the spikes a dinosaur had or what kind of food it preferred.

While information is good it can get boring for parents to read night after night. In this dinosaur book the imaginative aspect of a good story is incorporated. Kids who love dinosaurs will love the idea of the barber giving out a real dinosaur instead of a balloon. Parents will enjoy the reaction of the mom and what her perspective is at the end of the story.

An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Hutts Aston

This book is ideal for those looking for a non-humorous bedtime story that will allow the kids to settle down for sleep. The book explores eggs from a variety of different animals including birds, turtles, and dinosaurs. It highlights the differences and similarities between eggs from different species. Parents and children will both learn something new while enjoying the simple text and beautiful illustrations.

Some day your child will likely have moved on from dinosaurs to another topic. Hopefully it will be one with easier to pronounce names! For now it is wise to find a way to make bedtime stories enjoyable for you and your child by selecting dinosaur books that keep you entertained as well!