B.J. Novak’s “The Book With No Pictures”

B.J. Novak has had adults laughing for years. He is an accomplished comedian, screenwriter, actor, and author. Now, he has delved into the world of children’s books, and his contribution has kids cracking up.

His book, bravely titled The Book With No Pictures is just that: a kid’s book featuring words only. It is both fresh and funny. In it, Novak shines a spotlight on words, and makes them come alive.

It is a book that must be read aloud. The book has a simple premise: whatever the words say, the reader has to say. Hilarity ensues as the reader is forced to recite a string of silly, nonsensical words (think “blork” or “boo boo butt”) that will have kids in stitches. While it may seem silly, the book is wickedly smart, showcasing the power of words and the power of writing.

In an interview with Vanity Fair Hollywood, Novak said that he saw his picture-less approach as “a really exciting way to show kids that the written word can be their ally and that it’s possible to do something extremely powerful—which is overpower an adult and your experience with them, using only words. Words that can be on your side.”

This is an important lesson. The Book With No Pictures book allies kids with words, which is exactly what any children’s book worth its salt should do. It lets kids realize the power of language and the strength of the written word. This book makes an impact. It also makes kids laugh really, really hard.