Award Winning Books that Inspire Reading and Doing

With so many amazing children’s books on the market, checking out lists of  award winning books can help you narrow down your search. The Parent’s Choice Foundation is a non-profit organization that reviews various types of children’s media and runs the well-regarded Parents’ Choice Awards® program. Their book awards include a variety of categories that can help you find a new treasure for your child’s collection.

In their latest round of book awards, I loved the category for “Learning and Doing” books, which has inventive books ideal for children eight years old and up. Here are two of the winners:

  • The Goods, Vol. 1 (Candlewick Press): A brainchild of McSweeney’s publishing house, this book is a compilation of off-beat and often outrageous games, puzzles and stories with a handful of fun odds and ends tossed in the mix. This book is a definite outside of box collection that can inspire laughter, ingenuity and just plain fun.




Toolbox Jewelry (Klutz): An engaging combination of treasures from the toolbox and from the craft box come together to help kids make fun and inventive jewelry. This book includes a kit with washers, nuts, ribbon and cord to help kids make lasting and lovely jewelry.  With clear and simple directions that you come to expect from Klutz books, this book is a great selection for a tween or teen who loves to create.


Coin Collecting for Kids (Innovative Kids) is a perennial favorite.  This little book walks the reader through the different types of U.S. coins and has slots for your own collection.  Kids of all ages will love collecting each of the U.S. State quarters, the Presidential coins and the new Nickels.

This book makes a great gift for any child.  Best of all, parents can work with their children to build the collection and fill the book.

The Books of Impossible Objects (Klutz) is truly one that will keep inquisitive kids busy for hours upon hours.  The book contains projects for creating eye-popping drawings, paper sculptures and other projects.

This is a great gift for any child who is proficient with scissors and tape.

You can see a long list of excellent craft and project books by clicking here.

Happy reading, and doing!