Authors of the Future

All of the greatest authors in history started somewhere. The ideas that we get from our earliest influences are ones that we keep with us for our entire lifetime. Inspiration can come from all sources; some of the stories that have stuck with me most profoundly are the stories I explored as a child. When you are young, it is easy to get swept away by an amazing story.

Your child may not want to be the next Hemingway or J.K. Rowling, but the more they read the better equipped they will be to write in the future. More likely than not, your child’s future career will involve some sort of writing. The more they read over their lifetime, the more aptly they will be able to handle this responsibility in the future.

If your child already loves to read and dreams of becoming an author one day, encourage them to read anything and everything. By expanding their horizons early, they are that much more likely to think on different levels down the road. The best authors out there all honed their style through reading others work. You never know what unexpected area might be your child’s favorite area of writing. Your child can be the next great writer!

Get your child started on reading more today to start them on a lifetime of good reading and writing habits.