Anne Rockwell: Picture Books That Teach and Entertain

If you are a parent of a child in elementary school who regularly reads to your child it is likely you have read a book by Anne Rockwell. She has written about 100 picture books for children. Often the captivating illustrations have been made by Anne, her husband or her daughter Lizzy.

Anne was born in 1934 in Tennessee and traveled extensively during her childhood. She always dreamed of being an artist and moved to New York City on her own at 18 to pursue art. After marrying and having her first daughter, who she enjoyed sharing picture books with, she determined that creating books for children was her purpose in life. Her first attempt was published by the first publisher she approached.

Anne credits learning how to make books for kids to reading to her three children. Her books are created for the minds of children wanting to learn more about a particular topic.

In doing books for the very youngest children I always remind myself that the familiar world we might consider mundane is new and exciting to them.

The books are fun and educational. They capture the attention of children at the same time teaching them something. Families often turn to the same books year after year. For example, Apples and Pumpkins is a classic Rockwell story that many families enjoy together every fall. Other books are appropriate for different holidays such as Presidents’ Day and Thanksgiving Day. Holidays that adults have deep understanding for are often a mystery to small kids. These books help explain with simple text and an interesting story.

In addition children with a passion for a certain subject often find Anne Rockwell’s books to be a welcome addition to their bookshelf. Books on Fire Engines, Planes, Boats, Bugs, and Stars are just some of the options. Since the titles are typically the name of the beloved subject it is often easy to locate a Rockwell book that your child will enjoy. Consider adding a book by Anne Rockwell to your home bookshelf!