A New Book Series From Actor Steve Guttenberg


Steve Guttenberg is a well known actor and comedian.  He is best known for his roles as Mohoney in the movie series Police Academy; he played cartoonist Michael Kellam in Three Men and a Baby; Guttenberg was a local boat captain in Cocoon; and in Short Circuit, he was one of the inventors of the military robot, Number 5.  Guttenberg has had success behind the cameras as a director and producer as well.  His first film was P.S. Your Cat Is Dead.  He has also written a memoir that was published in 2012 called The Guttenberg Bible.  Now he can add children’s book author to his long list of accomplishments.  Guttenberg has written a children’s adventure series called The Kids from D.I.S.C.O..

The Kids from D.I.S.C.O. is about four ordinary siblings (Carly, Jenny, Danny, and Jack) who live in Las Vegas, Nevada.   They come across their uncle’s secret headquarters, and discover that he’s a groovy superhero named Disco Man.  Their uncle even has a pet sidekick, a cockatoo named Polly Esther.  The siblings are then transformed into the funky superhero team called The Kids from D.I.S.C.O., and help their uncle fight crime.   The first book in the series is about an evil villain named Melvis Pelvis, who is the baddest bad guy ever.

Guttenberg’s nieces and nephews were the inspiration behind this book.  It’s sure to be an action packed adventure with four funky junior crime-fighters and their groovy superhero uncle, who will be brought to life by illustrator Lisa Passen.  This series for children is scheduled to be released this fall.