A Day with Daddy

Daddy Book Blog Entry #6 out of 10

Hello, this is Brian with Childrensbookstore.com.  Last week I took my daughter to Disneyland for a super fun daddy-daughter day.  She played hooky from school and I ditched work, and we partied with Mickey, Minnie and the gang.  We live here in SoCal, so we get these annual passes that we typically use as a family in the afternoons for a few hours after school.  This time, it was all day, and just with daddy and Emily.  We had an amazing time and went on all the “big girl” rides that we normally don’t go on because her little brother is too small.

Usually we bring our own (healthy and free) snacks from home, but being such a special day we decided to help Mickey hit his 2012 revenue goals early by purchasing one of everything along the way.  We ate corn dogs and cotton candy and she got a little treat on Main Street on the way out of the park.  It was just a great day that meant so much to both of us.  Whenever we do these daddy-daughter days (or even shorter dates), my daughter and I become closer friends.  I think we both cherish these times together and will always stay close because of them.  

Let’s Have a Daddy Day by Karen Kingsbury is a neat book about a dad taking the time to play with his kids on occasion.  The fun thing about this book is that the author gives suggestions on how to spend fun time together and even helps readers come up with their own ideas.  The illustrations are cool, and the ideas are great…I won’t spoil it for you.  I definitely recommend this book for dad’s to read with their children.