5 Books With a Different Kind of Princess


Everyone knows the typical princess story, the princess is put to sleep, captured and imprisoned or turned into a maid and has to live a hard boring life until a prince comes along to release the princess then she can live happily ever after. If you or your kid are tired of this well-trod formula, but still enjoy princesses, these five kids’ books are appealing with sharp female protagonists and imaginative stories.

Paper Bag Princess

Princess Elizabeth has everything, riches, beauty and a huge castle until a dragon comes along and destroys it all then carries off her prince in the process. However, Elizabeth does not give up easily, she decides she is going to outsmart the dragon and save her prince.



Princess to the Rescue

Follow this fun-loving princess through various fairy tales as she rescues princes that have been lost, kidnapped, locked up or turned into frogs. This princess manages all her rescues by using her intelligence rather than her charms and looks to subdue the enemy and save the prince.


The Worst Princess

Princess Sue wants to find her Prince Charming; however, she does not want a traditional prince that wants her to be beautiful and enchanting. She decides to take her dragon and search for her true happy ending.




Princess Smartypants

Princess Smartypants prefers to ride motorbikes and get in trouble rather than getting married. Her parents command the princess that she has to settle down and find a husband so she gives her suitors a large variety of tasks to perform including activities that she is great at and watches them fail one by one until the right prince comes along.


The Super Duper Princess Heroes: How It All Started

Three friends are exploring when they come upon a mysterious satchel containing magical tiaras. The three girls place the crowns upon their heads and transform into magic princesses with super powers. To keep the magic alive the Super Duper Princess Heroes must work together and help save the world and help others.

Share these great books with your family and friends and encourage boys and girls everywhere to have fun and use their imagination to the fullest extent possible.